Ionization seen from the molecule’s perspective

Wednesday, 19th May 2010Publication highlights

Fig: Holmegaard et al.

The research team of Jochen Küpper from the Department of Molecular Physics of the Fritz Haber Institute has, in collaborations with two teams of Aarhus University, succeeded in measuring and calculating ionization of molecules, by strong laser pulses, from the most natural point of view: the molecule’s! The report on their findings appeared in Nature Physics. more

(Published online: 16 May 2010 | doi:10.1038/nphys1666).

For more information please contact: Jochen Küpper

Figure caption: The studies focused initially on the simple linear molecule carbonyl sulfide (OCS). Experimentally, it was oriented as shown in the figure with the oxygen end facing a 2-dimensional electron detector. When the femtosecond pulse, symbolized by the red spiral-shaped curve, hits the OCS molecules, an electron is released. The electron is projected on the 2D detector, which captures the information about the electron emission direction. The images revealed a pronounced up-down asymmetry with 67% of all electrons hitting the upper part of the detector. This agreed extremely well with the predictions of theory.