2009 June

A molecular laboratory – on a chip

Friday, 26th June 2009Publication highlights

Researchers capture molecules on a small chip.

For more information please contact: Gerard Meijer, Sam Meek

Ph. D. student Sam Meek holds up the microchip decelerator.

In the age where nanoscale electronics have become the norm, it may not come as a surprise that large fundamental physics experiments are starting to follow suit – being scaled down from a lab to a chip. Trendsetters Meek and co-workers at the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin have developed a new micro-chip structure that is capable of performing the same experiments traditionally done with much larger machines. With this chip, they are able to fully control and confine gas-phase CO molecules in an array of electric field traps just above the chip’s surface. Their results have been published in the journal Science. [more]

(Science, June 26, 2009)