2009 December

Gerhard Ertl Lecture Award — The 2009 Award goes to Professor Jens K. Nørskov

Thursday, 17th December 2009General science information

The winner of the Ertl Lecture Award, Prof. Jens Nørskov, with the Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Gerhard Ertl.

Catalysis is the process of manipulating the rate of a chemical reaction by introducing an extra substance (catalyst) that by the end of the reaction is not chemically altered; the catalyst simply provides an alternative reaction pathway. It was for his contributions to this field that Gerhard Ertl received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2007. Since then the three large Berlin universities in Berlin in conjunction with the Cluster of Excellence “Unifying Concepts in Catalysis” (UniCat) and Ertl’s home institute, the Fritz Haber Institute (FHI), and along with financial support from the chemical company BASF, have created an award that strives to recognize outstanding investigators and research in the field of catalysis. The winner of this year’s Gerhard Ertl Lecture Award was Prof. Jens Nørskov for his ground-breaking theoretical work in the field of catalysis. Nørskov and co-workers use computational methods to screen for new catalysts that could provide an increase in catalysis activity and selectivity. [more]