2013 September

Mariana Rossi Carvalho Gets Both: The Otto Hahn Medal and Otto Hahn Award

Monday, 30th September 2013Miscellaneous

Mariana Rossi Carvalho, researcher in the Theory Department, has been awarded the Otto Hahn Medal and Otto Hahn Award of the Max Planck Society

After completing their doctoral thesis, successful scientists are given the opportunity to gather valuable experience abroad.

This is the purpose of the Otto Hahn Awards (formerly known as Otto Hahn Groups). From the group of students who are awarded the Otto Hahn Medal each year, three persons are selected. Following international work experience, they are offered the opportunity to head up their own research group at a Max Planck Institute.

The Otto Hahn Medal, which comes with prize money of 7,500 euros, is awarded once a year – at the general meeting of the Max Planck Society – to up to 30 young scientists. The heads of the Max Planck institutes may nominate their candidates for the medal. Anyone who has completed his or her doctoral thesis before turning 30 may be put forward. The chances of being awarded a medal are increased if the work has been presented in a prestigious publication. The prize is intended to encourage high-calibre junior scientists to continue a promising career in research.

This year, Mariana was selected to also receive the award, which gives the possibility for a 2 years stay abroad and afterwards the chance to build a small independent research group in a Max Planck Institute of her choice. She received the award for her theoretical work on the description of the structure and dynamics of large peptide molecules from first principles electronic structure methods.

Festschrift for Bretislav Friedrich

Thursday, 5th September 2013Publication highlights

Taylor & Francis dedicated a special issue of their journal Molecular Physics, entitled “Manipulating Molecules via EM Fields: A Festschrift for Bretislav Friedrich”, to our colleague Bretislav Friedrich, thus celebrating his 6oth birthday. Apart from an impressive collection of original articles contributed by a roster of renowned researchers, some formerly or presently affiliated with our institute, it contains a Preface authored by Dudley Herschbach, Bretislav Friedrich’s Autobiography and a topical review Manipulation of molecules with electromagnetic fields with 852 references.

Original publication: “Manipulating Molecules via EM Fields: A Festschrift for Bretislav Friedrich”, Molecular Physics, Volume 111, Issue 12-13, 2013 (http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/tmph20/111/12-13#.UihZC7bQIiF).